Since their beginning in 2005, The Singing Company has created music to draw listeners in to the truths of God’s Word, encourage and challenge the Church through relevant worship and expand the canon of music produced by The Salvation Army.

Their songs have travelled around the world, have been translated into other languages and have taken on a life of their own. They hope that a new generation will be turned on to the truths found in old hymns and new worship; that the messages of these songs will help lead worshippers to action!


Caleb Allan – Bass Guitar, Synthesizer
Samuel Arias – Organ, Piano, Vocals
Emily Densmore – Vocals
Eric Himes – Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
Ellen Kim –  Piano, Vocals
Zane Koehler
– Drums, Percussion
Tito Rapley – Media
Scott Rodriguez – Electric Guitar
Allen Park – Saxophone, Percussion, Synthesizer
Julio Romeo – Sound Engineering


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